Fly Gunnison Airport



This Matters!
When you’re already flying 5+ hours, the additional travel time can really make for a long day… especially when traveling with kids. From Gunnison 40 Minutes ground time vs. Denver 4H 30Min.

How Complicated is Your Trip? If you’re flying to Denver there is no ground shuttle option to get to Gunnison/Crested Butte so you’ll have to rent a car. This means a bag pick-up in Denver, taking your bags to a ground shuttle to take you to the rental car location, before you begin a long drive over the mountains. When you fly to Gunnison you just work with the shuttle driver outside the terminal to get the bags on the shuttle for your 40 minute ride. Flying to other Colorado airports may even require an overnight hotel stay upon arrival/departure.

What is the Relative Convenience of the Gunnison Airport vs. the Alternate Airport and Drive? Besides the extra steps noted above you can leave the driving to someone else via the ground shuttle from the Gunnison Airport, shortening the drive time and letting professionals handle the occasional weather elements.

The Total Gunnison Travel Expense is often less than Alternate Airports!

​While other Colorado airports may have lower air fares, when ground transportation costs, parking, extra meals and the value of your extra travel time are included, the
total expense often exceeds the cost of flying to the Gunnison Airport. When a lodging stay is required at other airports, Gunnison becomes an even better deal.

Gunnison Airport – Often BEST when Factoring Total Travel Cost!



Gunnison Airport is More Expensive than other Colorado Airports? NOT SO FAST! 

​Your True Total Travel Cost is more than just the cost of your airfare! The value of your time, ground cost to/from the airport, hotel, parking and other costs can impact your True Total Travel Cost. Alternate Airports Almost Always More Total Travel Time than Flying to Gunnison When you add up Total Travel Time, including ground transportation, from alternative airports, the total travel time is more than when using Gunnison Airport (GUC) -- up to 4H 30Min longer each-way.