Welcome to the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport 

Gateway to the Heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains

WHY FLY Gunnison?


Think flying out of Gunnison is more expensive than other Colorado airports? NOT SO FAST! 
Your True Total Travel Cost is more than just the cost of your airfare! The value of your time, ground transportation to/from the airport, hotel, parking and other costs can impact your True Total Travel Cost. Traveling here through other airports almost always involves more total travel time than flying direct to Gunnison - up to four and a half hours each way! The additional travel time can really make for a long day, especially if traveling with kids.
As an example, traveling from Denver to Gunnison by car is a 5 hour drive in good weather... flying into Gunnison takes approximately 40 Minutes!

How Complicated is Your Trip? If you’re flying into Denver there are extremely limited ground shuttle options to get to Gunnison, so you’ll likely have to rent a car. Flying into other Colorado airports may even require an overnight hotel stay upon arrival or departure.

​What is the Relative Convenience of the Gunnison Airport vs. the Alternate Airport and Drive? Besides the extra steps noted above you can leave the driving to someone else via the ground shuttle from the Gunnison Airport, shortening the drive time and letting professionals handle the occasional weather elements.

​While other Colorado airports may have lower air fares, when you begin to factor in ground transportation costs, parking, extra meals, lodging, and the extra travel time -which reduces the amount of time you actually spend enjoying your trip - the total expense often exceeds the cost of flying directly into Gunnison.